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Opening of Stop poverty cup

On the 29th of October YPM, officially opened the Stop Poverty Cup. The first two matches were played in Mkinga between Maforoni football club and Lunga lunga Cranes on Saturday, and a second match between Horohoro Border and Liverpool on Sunday.

What is Stop Poverty Cup?

Stop Poverty Cup is a part of the Stop Poverty Campaign, aiming at ending poverty and misery once and for all. By playing for one of our teams, we hope to increase young people’s awareness about development issues. Sport is a good arena for personal develop and boosting of talents, but also wider community development. Youths love sports and we feel that sports will be a good platform to make the voice to stop poverty and work for justice be heard to many of our targets. We encourage our young hopes to think bigger than themselves. To think of “What is my contribution to development of this country?” rather than just “what can this country do for me?” That is why we say that sports are not just for personal health, but for the health of our country as well.

Opening of the cup in Mkinga


Preematch between teams from Kenya and Tanzania

This weekend a big opening sermon was held in Mkinga to mark the beginning of the cup. District executive director was present, together with YPM staff, YPM tensing from Lushoto, and teams from Kenya and Tanzania. Speeches were held about our main theme of stop poverty, and tensing performed a play about VICOBA. Through sports and games – the language of the youth – we hope the participants will go home wiser than before.

After the sermon, the first match of the cup were held between Maforoni footbal club from Tanzania, and Lunga lunga Cranes form Kenya. The score ended at a tie of 1-1. The match next day between Horohoro Border and Liverpool ended 2-1. YPM is happy to see that our youths are doing well and show talents and engagement.

The cup will go on until December between different teams in Tanga region. Timetable will be posted here the coming week. 


And the game is on! Pre-match before the opening match.


Tensing from Lushoto performs play about VICOBA


Audience are eager watching the game

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– VICOBA is my motivation

During our visit to Msongolo and Ngwele last week, YPM were able to see some of the achievements brought to life by VICOBA. We call these “success stories”. 

Mrs. Evelyn Apeles from Ngwele is one of the persons who got her life changed through VICOBA. With a loan of 300 000 shillings, she managed to build a new house for herself and her family.





Mrs. Apeles’ new and old house is lying next to each other. The improvements are easy to see. Thanks to VICOBA, her new home has double size of the old one, and is build in bricks rather than mud.



Loans from VICOBA are usually invested in small, income generating projects or businesses, which assure that money will be brought in to refund the loan with interest. Mrs. Apeles does not have a business of her own, but work on a nearby tea plantation. By taking extra shifts and working hard 6 days a week, she has been able to make 450 000 shillings.

– VICOBA is my motivation. I know that for each share I save in VICOBA, I can get loan of three times as much.

Mrs. Apeles is always trying to buy five shares every week, for two thousand shillings each share. Now she is saving up to extend her house with two extra rooms, giving the house four rooms in total.


Welcome to Mrs. Apeles’ new home!