Friday, July 15th, 2016

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The Youth Peace Makers Tanzania (YPM) has today donated four wheel chairs in Lushoto district hospital. The other six will be handled to Handeni Council Hospital as well as some of identified youths who are in dire need of wheel chairs to enable their movement. That is part of the contribution received from Sandefjord Bicycle Club in Sandefjord Norway.The event opened the eyes of YPM that this service is of so much importance for there are more people that are in need more that what it was thought before.

This is the continuation of the charity work done by Sandefjord Bicycle Club in Sandefjord Norway, Yglobal as the funding partner and Valdres Folkhoghskole who are the supporters of the work in YPM. In the speech before handing over the chairs to the District Executive Director (DED) of Lushoto, the District Medical Doctor and other Hospital and District Health Management Teams, the YPM director congratulated the good work done by the government and the hospital. He also stressed on the efforts of the government to keep order in the country through collection of tax and fighting corruption. The director of YPM requested the DED as representative of the government to consider supporting YPM in tax exemption to the goods that are received from different partners as a way to encourage the contribution to local development.

In addition he emphasized the importance of good relationship and support to the government in the work that will be the way to empower communities through PETS, Subject to Citizen (S2C) program, Environment and Climate as well as sports that are carried by YPM.

In his response, the DED thanked the YPM for the good work that has been done in the District and other places in the region. He congratulated the efforts done through them to attract and support the communities in Economic Empowerment, Sports throughout the years. He commended the Sports program as it helps the Youths to stay out of the evil plans such as drug abuse and loitering. He also commended the work that has been through YPM in tree planting in the area and coordination in some schools in the district. “Stay focused for your service to the people marks the importance of your presence not only to us but to the people who will be enjoying the service”

He promised support in Tax related as they will be ready to show and acknowledge the contribution that YPM has been doing from since they started their operations in the region. The event was later followed by group pictures and exchange of views on what is to be done in relation to the good work for the development of Lushoto and her people.

Thanks to Sandefjord, Yglobal and Valdres who in one way they have made this event and service to our people a possibility.

“Blessed are the Peacemakers…”