March, 2018

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There is no doubt that our project is big and means very much to many people in the village in Tanzania. We change lives!

Written by Tobias Student from Valdress

During a visit to our organizational meeting in Lushoto in the autumn of 2017, we conducted a longer interview with the manager of the project, Godfrey Walalaze. The interview lasts for over half an hour and is enough for especially interested. There is no doubt that our project is big and means very much to many people in the village in Tanzania. We change lives!


Posted by: | Posted on: March 20, 2018

It is very good to see that the YPM is reaching people in rural areas such as masai and establishing VICOBA project that enables them to run their families. These are the words of EIRIC MUBARAK from Norway at Sunnfjord school after having the opportunity for the teacher and other student to visit the group not available VICOBA for the masai

On 10th Feb Sunnfjord group had a chance to visit VICOBA in Maasai village with YPM host Vicent who coordinate our Programs in Korogwe district. The Maasai VICOBA members welcomed guests with performance of cultural songs and then had the opportunity to explain on the operation of the VICOBA project and the challenges they had. The Visitors were very impressed on the extended work by YPM to the point of reaching even those in the remote areas in the plateau of Usambara mountains. The guests also had the opportunity to see the joy and trouble of driving in the rough roads as they had to spend some times cleaning the path for their bus to pass through so as to reach the intended village. That shared with them the now and then challenge faced by YPM in reaching the intended people so as to shed the light of hope to such communities.
The group in the Maasai land reported that they are benefiting from the loans that enable them to raise their livestock which are the main activities of the Maasai people. Since the establishment of their group so far they have invested shares of more than two million shillings where one share is two thousand shillings and a social fund only five hundred shillings.
After learning about the group they were fortunate to visit the Maasai ceremony on the rite of passage; that is the passage of young people from childhood to youthful and adulthood. It is the ceremony that declare them ready to assume further responsibilities in their communities. They played traditional songs as well as jumping from as part of the joy and celebrating their traditions.
The purpose of this trip to our visitors is to learn cultures and to live with Tanzanians but through a visit to the Maasai, they have given a new image and understanding of the vast but well celebrated culture in our Tanzanian contexts.