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Posted by: | Posted on: July 21, 2017


On 13 February arts group (Tensing) have begun Recording shorter pieces of film that will illustrate the challenges young people faced in the fight against poverty and disease.

This group is under the Youth Peace Makers organization a number of ten member’s four girls and six boys, this group works to educate the community through theater and perform well in various national and international activities.

Prospects for the film RECORDING plans intends to educate communities on how young people can avoid the poverty, disease and self-employment.

Pieces of films shown at the Youth Peacemakers YouTube channel every Friday and the official date which will form the clip will be announced through our social networks

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On 12th November 2016 YOUTH PEACE MAKERS TANZANIA conducted biking competition known as Tour de Lushoto 2016 which covered 56km for long route and 13km for short route.

This is fourth competition since YPM established Tour de Lushoto Biking Competition, more than 80 youths around Tanga region and other participants from Norway participated; Participants for long route were 37 and all of them were males while in short route participants were 49 whereby 8 of them were females and U14 category participants were 4.The event was officiated by the Lushoto district commissioner Honourable January C. Lukagingira.


In the picture are the participants together with the guest and stakeholders from various departments in the district of Lushoto.


The aim of having this kind of competition in general is to give people in the community especially Youths opportunity to participate in sports and games activities as means to push development in the community for the better life. However, the event also focuses on grooming and promoting the talents. Through this competition, YPM get/select competitive cyclists whom at the end get opportunity to represent YPM in National and International competitions.

YPM organization also motivates the participants by providing prizes to the winners. For instance in this event prizes provided were as follows;

For the case of Long Route the winners with their prizes are as follows;

1-Laptop + Tsh.50000/- + Medal + Cert + T-shirts + Cap.

2-Tsh.150,000/- +Medal + Cert. + T-shirt + Cap.

3-Tsh.100,000/- +Medal + Cert. + T-shirt + Cap.

And for the winners from number 4 to number 10 in this long route given Tsh.10,000/- + Medals + T-shirt.

For the case of short route in females category the prizes were as follows;

1- Laptop + Tsh.50,000/- Medal + Cert + T-shirt + Cap.

2- Tsh.100,000/- + Medal + Cert.+ T-shirt + Cap.

3- Tsh. 75,000/- + Medal + Cert. + T-shirt + Cap.

Winners for short route in female category the prizes were as follows;

1- Tsh.50,000/- + Medal + Cert.+T-shirt + Cap.

2- Tsh.30,000/- + Medal + Cert.+T-shirt + Cap.

3- Tsh.20,000/- + Medal + Cert.+T-shirt + Cap.

There were special prizes for the participants U16 who participated and managed to finish the race whereby four of them were each provided with Tsh.10,000/- + T-shirt.


  • Number of young people who want to join the cycling club increases.
  • To advertise Organization in national and international.
  • Get airtime in Television like Channel Ten.
  • No serious injuries.
  • Positive cooperation from district commissioner’s office.


  • Time management some of participants arrived late the field area to start the race.
  • Some participants were injured though was not serious injuries.
  • Gender imbalance—very few female participants to this moment.
  • Inadequate protective gears such as Helmets, knee protectors gloves etc.
  • Lack of sponsorship


Cycling is one of the famous games all over the World and provides opportunity to youths to employ themselves and to be employed. In that sense YPM will continue to hold this event for the sake of Youths and the whole community in general so as to groom and promote talents.