SUCCESS STORIES ON ENVIRONMENT PROGRAM : Written by Irene Raymond Mchau Programs Officer for Environment & Advocacy

Posted by: | Posted on: May 21, 2018

The environment program done by Youth Peace Makers Tanzania in various ways aim to lobby and mobilize people on the aspect of environmental preservation and protection to help the society. The program is implemented through forming groups in Secondary and Primary Schools and also through the advocacy on policy change.
Youth Peace Makers has more than 25 Clubs in Lushoto District, Mkinga District and Handeni District. We conduct training on protection of their environment through planting trees around the schools and homes and distribute seeds for the clubs to make tree nursery in their schools. Whereby now they are able to plant trees around the schools’ environment and some of trees are distributed to students to plant them in their home. School environmental teachers who are working voluntary with the organization are making follow up of trees distributed to students but also the organization in 2017 during the environmental day we distributed 1,500,000 trees in secondary and Primary schools.
The organization conducted Breakfast meeting, that is, the meeting involving the duty bearer and right holder. In one of these meetings the discussion was about environmental destruction and the by-laws that are to be adhered in Lushoto. The speakers were from one organization that is also dealing with environment and the Environment Executive officer in Lushoto and other stakeholders from small businesses and the representatives of Non-Governmental organizations.
After the meeting the task force was formed to make the follow-up on the resolutions made in that meeting. One of the big issues was the construction of the market where perviously people were putting goods on the ground that was dangerous to the people’s health, now the market is built and most of people in Lushoto and all areas around Lushoto who are using the same market to buy and sell goods are in good condition. Also the task force makes follow-up on the implementation of Lushoto by-laws on the environment to ensure that they are strictly followed in order to make sure that the environment around Lushoto and other places around Lushoto are clean. Therefore through the public performance and peaceful demonstrations the society/community was educated to adhere to the laws on environment. Now there is great change on the environment in Lushoto District.

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