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YPM Tanzania organized a Peace Forum of more than 100 youth from colleges and High schools. The aim was to involve youth on peace building as it was discussed in the United Nation’s Resolution 2250. The youth generation is the generation that is likely to be affected and involved in wars. But with emphasis on the discussion shared on UNSCR 2250 Youth must be built as peacemakers and they must play the role of reconciliation.
Youth as the people with power and energy in the society must have positive contribution in promotion of peace and security. They are to be equipped so that they avoid being victims and perpetrators of different wars and protect peace and provide justice and security within their communities.
Youth must recognize that the rise of radicalization to violence and violent extremism especially among youth threatens stability and development and can lead to terrorism. A nation that has no peace cannot have the development it wants even if the society is well educated. Peace must be the priority of all people and youth are forming large population in Tanzania and many other countries in the world, unfortunately with no direction that group can be affected by armed conflict and even civil clashes.
The highlight of this gathering was to enlighten youth to be advocates for national governments, Regional and International Organizations to engage youth in building and maintaining peace through provision of better living environment, education, leveled grounds for participation and airing their views as well as contributing in addressing and fighting causes of poverty.
From many of the participants it was shared and believed that Tanzania can continue to be the peaceful country if youth of this country can be united in different ways, their talents celebrated, and together involved in promotion and protection of peace.
On top of the discussion and exchange of views on UNSCR 2250, the forum also gave room for the discussion on the Sustainable Development Goals. The presentations was on the 17 SDG’s goals, the contribution to development, the challenges in implementation and the goals of which youth feel to identify directly into their life endeavors. The issue of quality education, innovation and creativity was highlighted by many in group discussion on what can empower them. More of sports activities were asked and the YPM was burdened to see how they can develop small talents as a way to identity, confidence and positive living of youths in life cycles.
The forum saw the election of representative leaders from each participating institution which was followed by election of the steering committee to stand on Youth Peace and Security of youths in Lushoto. The end goal of the process and getting a steering committee was to increase awareness, call for active participation in matters affecting youth in Lushoto and formation of more Youth Peace clubs in their institutions.

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