Posted by: | Posted on: June 6, 2018

Education is a major challenge in the rural areas, some challenges are caused by some parents who dissuade their children and encourage them to go to work at an early age without knowing the future challenges lying ahead of them.

Recognizing the importance of education YPM prepared an education concert on May 31, which took place in the Mlola ward. The main message of the day has been “Let me go to School, Education is my Redemption”. The Arts Group sent the message to the community through the arts and entertainment.
The Aim of doing the event has been to have an entertaining but direct way of sending the message to the parents and students in the area that is highly affected in the whole of Tanga region.
YPM plans to continuing with these events every in five other places faced with same challenge so as to help the community understand and appreciate the importance of education for the development of the family, community and nation at large.

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