YPM conducted education campaign at Makanya Ward; “NIACHE NISOME ELIMU NI MKOMBOZI WANGU”

Posted by: | Posted on: September 3, 2018

YPM conducted education campaign at Makanya Ward; this is one of the areas where there is a great challenge for students to continue studies especially after basic education, given the importance of education in human life, and to focus on the vision of YPM in empowering young people, YPM find it important to have public awareness campaigns to raise conscious on the importance of education and the long time impact of avoiding education, this activity was in line with the campaign motto
YPM had the opportunity to meet the leadership of Makanya Village and Ward and was given a warm welcome to carry out this mobilization activity. In the occasion there were a lot of young girls and boys from the nearby schools of Mboghoi and Makanya Primary and Secondary Schools as well as the parents who were attending the market day.
The message was well received and the comments were of high appreciation with the invitation for a second round to allow more members and nearby schools to get the knowledge.
We do believe the knowledge will help the community and the youths to value education more than it has been in the previous years. It is expected that they will manage to consider performing better and go to Secondary schools rather than rushing to doing the home maid works in towns and cities.
The Art group of YPM was central in performing and educating the community on the stage and by mingling with them to exchange views and ideas on their performance. YPM will continue with this exercise in other areas to continue to mobilize the community on the importance of education, it is hoped that this will bring new light in the village and rural communities where education was not important at all.

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